There’s only a tiny scandi link here. I’ve never been to public swimming pools there and I am trying to think of a film or episode of Wallander that features a scene in a pool, but nothing’s coming to mind. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve been taking swimming lessons since the end of August and it’s all going pretty well. I would hate to recall a gruesome swimming-related murder that could dampen (heehee…sorry) my current enthusiasm.

I did however enjoy this article in the Guardian about swimming in the Oslo fjord, which is a lot colder than my local pool!

I’ve just started attempting to do tumble turns and have been hunting down videos on youtube so next time I’m in the pool I have a better idea of what it is I’m supposed to be doing.

1. I guess TheSwimTeamUSA calls them flip turns. This is my favourite video. Very clear. Step 3 is where I’m struggling at the moment. Haven’t done much dolphin kicking, my arms are all over the place and I’m struggling with twisting over onto my stomach after pushing off the wall.

2. Ok, so maybe all Americans call them flip turns. Great video for beginners like me (rather than improvers). Step by step and includes some drills.

3. This is probably the best video for me. The first half focuses on the wall push off and the drill at the end should help with the flailing arms.

4. This Speedo Pace Club tutorial video is beautifully filmed

5. I thought I should add at least one video that calls it a tumble turn!